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Take part in the digital Marketplace in Greenland.

The platform is a digital initiative focusing on increasing the local trade and commerce between Greenlandic companies and organisations. This is your one-stop gateway to meeting the local businesses in Greenland.
By signing up to the platform your organisation will be visible to local buyers and traders. Your presence on the platform enables other companies to search for your profile, your products/services and what you have to offer.


On the Greenlandic companies make use of each other´s competencies, either as the buyer, seller or a combination of the two.

This gives us the best possible solution for increasing the local trade and growth.

As a user on the platform you will be able to:

  • Search for and find potential suppliers and customers.
  • Send requests for products and services.
  • Get an insight into what products and services are available in the Greenlandic market.

The Marketplace is not directly involved in the transaction between the supplier and customer but is solely an intermediary. It is not a web-shop for products and sellers on the platform.

Your advantages with a profile on


When you sign your organisation up to you will have the option of creating a company-profile that enables other users to get a good first-hand impression of your company´s products and solutions.

The company-profile is the landing page that users will be directed to if they search for your company or solutions.


  • You can create profiles for the relevant employees in your company.
  • The platform makes it easy to navigate and get an insight into what companies exist in Greenland.


With a profile on you have the option of making offers and receiving offers on behalf of your company.

The platform gives you a quick overview of interesting assignments, it enables you to search for suppliers for your own bidding processes or to offer an overview of your company´s activities.


  • Effective purchases through bidding processes.
  • Make offers as the supplier.
  • Overview of activities on